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Rise of Graffiti Art

It is becoming more common to see graffiti throughout cities and graffiti is quite common in cities that are poor. When people think of graffiti, they often think of gang graffiti and tagging. Many buildings, offices, cars, and freeway signs get tagged with gang signs, symbols and other unattractive spray paintings and some of the graffiti is also bad taste and bad language. Graffiti takes away the integrity of a building and brings and area down to a trashy level. Most cities will try to combat graffiti by immediately repainting the tagged areas. This, however, can be quite costly.

Graffiti is a form of vandalism and is offensive and disruptive to a community. Areas where graffiti is significant have seen the property values decrease, however, not all graffiti deserves the same distain. There is such a thing called graffiti art that is on the rise and growing. Graffiti art, however, is an art that is done on a property with permission of the property owner. The art is a creative expression and can actually be attractive and engaging. However, these creative and productive forms of expressions are vandalism if the artist has not received permission to paint. Nonetheless, regardless of how creative, and meaningful the art appears it is still considered vandalism if the artist has not received permission.

The rise of graffiti art or more commonly known as street art has caused an increase in tourism in some areas. The creativity and mystery behind many of the expressions lures many people to come view the paintings. Graffiti art is not offensive as gang related activity or vandalism graffiti. Many cities are finding more graffiti art showing up under bridges, overpasses, encampment buildings and other areas.

Many of the areas that have graffiti art have added a lot to the city symbolizing different meanings. Unfortunately, the artists of these creative expressions are typically never seen. You will not find their name at the bottom of their design, displayed in a museum or a gallery. These artists are discrete and do not want to be known.

Graffiti has been on the rise since the late 1970s and has become bolder and more offensive. However, the rise of graffiti art is a welcomed substitute when it comes to street art. Although it is more prevalent in inner cities, the rise of street art is spreading, and spreading quickly. Cities could be partially defined by the creativity of the street art throughout the city.

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