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Why Van Gogh Art Is So Popular

Vincent Willem van Gogh, known popularly as Van Gogh has been hailed as one of the greatest painters of all times. He has had one of the most notable influences on 20th century art and has inspired perhaps thousands of artists, not just in painting but filmmakers, photographers, cinematographers, writers and even some musicians. Van Gogh art may be pegged at several millions of dollars today but not many would know that he lived an extremely simple life, was not popular during his lifetime and was certainly not given his due.

Van Gogh died at the age of 37 and many say he shot himself but no gun was found in his possession and why anyone else would wish him dead was unknown. But by the time of his sad demise, he had created more than 2100 artworks. The collection included almost a 1000 oil paintings and more than 1300 drawings of watercolors, sketches and prints. His forte as an artist or painter was self portraits, landscapes, still life painting, portraits and paintings of cypresses, sunflowers and wheat fields. Most of his paintings have been accorded an iconic cult status by art lovers, experts, artists and normal people alike.

The biggest question that many wonder today is why Van Gogh art is so popular? There were hundreds of painters in the 19th century and many of them had become legends during their lifetime and the feeble man from Zundert in Netherlands didnít even manage to find the minimal acknowledgement back then.

The answer lies in many aspects of Van Gogh art. As a painter, Van Gogh never thrived on pretentiousness, pseudo intellectuality, complexities or abstractionism that others usually associated themselves with. His art was simple but very mesmerizing for the brush strokes, the fluidic lines, the bold use of colors and an uncanny resemblance to reality. Van Gogh recreated what he saw, what he felt and he simply wanted to share his emotions, his perception and his realization through his paintings. Van Gogh art has been considered to be the most emotional and among the most honest works of art among all major artists whose histories and works are recorded in history.

Van Gogh art is also a rarity where one can find joy, sorrow, love, compassion, pity, longing, nature, despair, reality and hope among others. Very few painters in the recorded history have managed to entice millions of people with sheer simplicity, honesty and immaterialist pleasures.

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