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Salvador Daliís Life Outside of Art

The most talented and the most controversial followers of Surrealism, Salvador Dali had an even more interesting life outside his arts. Salvador Dali was mostly known as an eccentric person who was quite materialistic and successful as well. He was thrown out of Academia de San Fernando where he studies fine arts after he claimed that the professors of the school were not properly qualified to test him and his talents in the final exams.

He had also tried sculpturing and had created the Lobster Telephone. He was also quite fascinated by the face of actress Mae West and he dedicated two of his artworks to her. The first being The Face of Mae West and the second, Mae West Lips Sofa. Dali also showed a lot of interest in gems and jewelry. He had created an ensemble called the Royal Heart which consisted of 46 rubies, four emeralds and 42 diamonds. He had also gone on a surrealist film making and contribution spree. He had helped in making of a play Mariana Pineda and even wrote a draft for Moontide. He also created a television commercial for Lanvin Chocolates. He had also worked with Alfred Hitchcock and also created worked for Spellbound as well as Destino, a Disney movie.

His endeavors donít end here. He had even gone on creating a ĎCostume of the year 2045í and created several other fashion accessories with famous designers. He even wrote a novel called Hidden Faces and had created his own house in his native town. Dali is mostly remembered for his iconic moustache, a style he popularized in the 1960s and which obviously was a result of his own hysteric and eccentric personality.

Dali became even more controversial for his political thoughts which used to swing between communism and radicalism. At a time when the world has just gone through an unrest, Dali was madly obsessed with the biggest negative icons of that time- Hitler and specially the shape of his back. He was even called Avida Dollars (or eager for dollars) for his madness for money. In fact, it has been quoted that Dali used to sign on blank sheets of paper and sell them to random people. These people would then make anything on the blank sheet and sell it on his name.

Dali also tried to commit suicide along with his wife Gala in the year 1980. After Gala died in 1982, he made several suicide attempts before dying in 1989.

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