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Picasso’s Blue Period

Picasso’s Blue Period lasted from the year 1900 to 1904. During this period, Picasso produced a series of paintings where he used the color blue, showing a change in his style from classicism to a more abstract painting style. He started to replace warm contemporary Parisian life scenes with paintings of blind men, poor street artists and beggars, often emaciated or standing against empty or vague backgrounds.

Picasso mainly did monochromatic paintings usually with colors such as blue and bluish-green. He did apply other warm hues, but it was rarely done. These paintings are some of the most somber paintings he made in Paris and a Spanish influence can be seen in these works.

The paintings done during the Blue Period are based on a theme that is melancholy. The dramatic change in his style happened not long after Carlos Casagemas, a close friend of his, committed suicide. This has resulted to the assumption that the death of his friend was the catalyst for the transition. Picasso himself later explained that he started painting in blue when he learned of his friend’s death. On the other hand, numerous scholars have since questioned the authenticity of this theory.

Although it was a question whether the death of Casagemas was the actual catalyst for the Blue Period, the horror and shock that Picasso felt at his friend’s death are clearly obvious in some portraits he did such as “The Death of Casagemas”. Although this work did not display the silent mourning and resignation his later paintings of the Blue Period would, it remains a good example of his mood in those transformative and tumultuous years.

One of his finest paintings, “The Old Guitarist”, was also made during the Blue Period. It was a realistic art with emotions highlighted at their best. Some of the other popular paintings of the Blue Period are Las Dos Hermanas that was made in 1904 and Portrait of Soler in the year 1903.

Picasso has been among the finest painters and it’s hard to live up to his works, but interested individuals can still aim for it. For those who really want to paint in the same line, they need to follow some rules which have been a part of the paintings of the Blue Period.

When painting based on the Blue Period’s theme, one should put his attention on the theme first. They need to pick a theme and the painting should include characters such as prostitutes, drunkards and beggars. The paintings must show the agony and pain of the characters involved.

One should also understand that the color schemes are the vital aspects of the Blue Period paintings. Even the slightest change in the hues can change the painting’s theme. Aside from the colors, the characters are also important. One might choose to draw any subject, but it’s important to represent the subject’s emotional state so that the viewers can connect to the feeling the painter wants to convey. Looking at some of the Blue Period paintings before making one is a good idea.

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